Internet Marketing

SEO Service

In GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution, we can help you achieve good results in searches. Optimizing your website is what we aim. For our profitable Internet presence is necessary to promote our site and one of the most profitable tools to publicize your website and generate traffic are search engines.

That will ensure a greater number of visits, which will increase the number of potential customers. Clearly, achieving top positions in search engines is no easy task, especially if you are competing with others with phrases and keywords competitive. And that is why our understanding, comprehension and strategies used in SEO technology can help achieve significant results and ensure success.

Optimization Techniques

GMC Solution works constantly optimizing campaigns in various websites, some of the techniques used to make our work are:

  • High in directories
  • Creating meta tags with appropriate keywords
  • Semantic content
  • Layout user interfaces using valid code (XHTML + CSS)
  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Webmaster Tool
  • Google Analytics Tool

Request more information about our work in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or make an appointment with GMC Solution, so we can discuss SEO for the Website.

Search Engine Marketing

Before 1990, no one has to know what search engine, and now, after more than ten years of development, search engine has become the most Internet application is widely used. Hard to imagine, if there is no search engine, the Internet will look like. But in terms of marketing tools, a search engine we really know? Can’t be! There are still a lot of people will search engine marketing as it is equivalent to the keyword advertising market, the real value of search engine marketing is far from cognitive and mining.

The search engine for the search, but not limited to search. Development of keyword advertising not search engine marketing, but stop opening up the pace of innovation. Brand Zone is keyword advertising, precision / contextual advertising now becoming more diverse forms of marketing.

The early development of the Internet, search engines just like your website technology applications to information retrieval services provide. With the rapid development of the network, the search engine to gradually get their own way of life – keyword advertising. Early domestic tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises in this way to make their products, services ranked in the forefront of the search results on the major search engines, and thus begin the journey of network marketing.

In GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution, we grasp the pulse of consumer demand, highlighting the charm of search engine marketing:

In this process, the search engine based on browsing behavior data analysis & user search behavior, a clear view of the user what to do, what it takes, this is a lie by the seductive charm search engine, marketing persons dream. The search engine green consumers extremely accurate and gathered their needs, search engine marketing can be made more accurate and efficient. For advertisers, so when you start applying this effective, accurate consumers demand, most of the customers that it is more difficult to use the search engine marketing.

Consumers will always be the core element of marketing, consumer search engines highly polymerized insight into consumer behavior, consumer trends …… has a firm grip on the ‘core elements’ of the pulse. Internet in continuous development and updating, network marketing in a more accurate, user-friendly direction, I believe, initiated by the consumer ‘active marketing’ search engine marketing play a more powerful impact.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing (or Social Media Marketing) comprises all possibilities of presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube ™ and Xing and LinkedIn. Does your target group is represented in these networks found? Then you should also be there, as social media marketing communication means above all. You will not get any other marketing tool that allows you to get so close to their customers, both existing and potential.

However, an increase in sales is only indirect objective in social media marketing. Here it is rather to build awareness of the brand and its products, to provide service and offer communication. However, social networks are also suitable for research and development, human resources or public relations.

The social media marketing provides first time users the ability to directly contact and interact with a company or product manufacturers, demonstrating their sympathy by a simple click. Also offers this possibility to its destination group.

Our services include social media marketing:

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution works constantly optimizing Social Media (SMO) in various websites, some of the techniques, we are:

  • Creating concepts for social media.
  • The construction and maintenance of pages or channels in Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ™, Pinterest, Flicker, Newsvine and many more….
  • Advertising in social networks, such as through Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ™, Pinterest, Flicker, Newsvine and many more….
  • The development of games and applications for Facebook.
  • Video Production and Optimization.

Our work will be:

  • Writing unique content for FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus.
  • Marketing campaigns on FaceBook.
  • Necessary to design avatars, sliders, banners, etc material.
  • Interaction with users of different networks. Comments, friends, etc..

Request more information about our work in the field of Social Media Marketing (SMM), or make an appointment with us so we can discuss your presence on social networks.

Link Building

One of the key factors in achieving SEO positioning and generates web traffic to our site, the popularity it has to be linked to from other websites. Google has a measure called Page Rank that, which is based on how much popularity, has referred a website from other websites. The Page Rank value is a number from 0 to 10. Affects the position and authority of the website and therefore attract web traffic to it. We identify and measure the evolution of the Page Rank of our own website and creating sites linked to ours or that we propose link exchanges.

Knowing how to work the Google Page Rank algorithm is very important for achieving better places in search engine results and thus improves traffic generation, as some experts say the Page Rank represents 22% of the importance for the positioning.

This service includes:

  • Installation and maintenance of a directory of links under your brand.
  • Working daily sending emails to other companies.
  • Exchange links with interested companies.

Some of the issues considered by Page Rank are:

  • Links from other sites referencing our content or main
  • Mentions (links) in social networks
  • Give our brand even if there are no links in the same
  • Searches of the brand or content
  • Links and content references that reference our website

Get Quality Links to Generate Web Traffic:

Google analyzes the websites referenced us to determine their level of authority, influence and popularity. Based on these results, if such sites are considered quality by Google then improve our SEO positioning and thus generate web traffic to our site. That is why we must build relationships with administrators of other websites that are considered quality. The aspects that help

define whether the referrer website qualities are:

  • That website has a high Page Rank (4 up)
  • The domain of the referrer registered for multiple years and there has long
  • Have a good position in Google to find the main keywords of your topic and that this has any bearing on our subject to position
  • Have lots of followers or fans on social networks and that their level of influence is high.
  • Generating matrix of opinion and / or reflect a high seriousness and professionalism in content (eg. specialized forums and blogs).
  • The referrer is regarded as high authority (eg. Universities, Government and Newspapers).

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution servers structured sustained, professional and ethical approach and customized link-building solutions to meet client’s needs. GMC Solution follows structured approach in creating quality inbound links to websites. Request more information about our work in the field of Link Building, or make an appointment with GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution, so we can discuss on quality Link building for the Website.

Paid Advertisements

While the Internet is full of articles on advanced techniques for optimizing pay per click campaigns (PPC), sometimes useful to review the basics and look at the foundation needed for a successful campaign.

For this it is best to get away from the computer and reflect on the following points:

Pillar 1: Set goals.
Bookmark the objectives is the main piece when creating a PPC campaign. You need to define a clear and measurable goal to create our campaign on solid foundations. Before joining Adwords take the time to think about what you want to achieve with your search engine advertising campaigns. Do you want to sell products, generate leads, increase brand awareness, or something else?

Pillar 2: Keywords.
He has written extensively on keyword analysis, but still many new advertisers they screw when choosing keywords.

  • Consistency: Learn about the different types of matching keywords. Many new advertisers suffer with the mechanics of the agreements and how they affect your ads. Their campaigns end up being too restrictive (all exact match) or too broad (all broad match). There is no fixed rule for all and advertisers should generally use a mixture of all available matches.
  • Negative Keywords: Technically this is also a kind of agreement, but it is so important that it has its own section. It is easy to see when a campaign has been created by an inexperienced owner, because all keywords are broad match and no negative.
  • A simple example: if you are selling something online and using PPC to promote it at least have to have the negative word “free.” Without this negative your ads will appear when someone searches for “{your product} free” and performance will be bad for sure.

Pillar 3: Ad text. Most keywords will be relevant for many advertisers. Even branding words have several competitors bidding for them. How will you differentiate yourself from the rest? Simple: writing good ads.

  • Unique Selling Proposition: The best way to differentiate yourself from the competition is including your unique selling proposition (USP) in your ad. That should be enough as long as really a USP and not a mere slogan.
  • Call to Action: Anyone who has taken a basic course in sales will tell you that you will not get if you do not ask many closures sale. PPC is the same – for a successful ad must have a call to action.

Pillar 4: Landing Page. Not all advertising in the world will increase your sales if you can’t deliver your product. In the online world, your landing page is responsible for the marketing, distribution and sale. Therefore it is crucial to send users to the page that makes the most sense for the customer – a page where they can take the desired action with fewer distractions.

  • Relevance: First of all, the landing page must be relevant. If you did a search for a particular product does not send me to the home page where I have to take extra steps to find what I’m looking for.
  • Call to Action: The call to action has several places in the process of PPC. No ads just need a call-to-action, but the landing page must also have. You have already paid to have the customer on your site do not waste the opportunity to close the sale by forgetting to put a call to action!
  • Tracking: All of the above pillars are useless without conversion tracking needs. If we will not be able to see what works and what does not, goes without bothering to create the campaign. Make sure you have conversion tracking system in place before you pay for the first click. At least implemented codes that offer free conversions PPC search engines.

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution, we can help you when considering the right pillars to launch your campaign SEM (PPC).