Web Development

Portal Development

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution offers Web Portal development, design and content management. Are you looking to manage large and diverse amounts of information on the network easily and ergonomic? You have reached the right place, GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution provides comprehensive advice and quality in the development of web portal.

This portal gives the user a number of benefits. Easy to navigate and visually appealing, the website aims to provide a range of services and intelligent content management through practical division into sections such as search engines, forums, documents, applications and all kinds of transactions related to electronic commerce, being a tool useful for solving communication needs in a company or institution, management services, products or be a communication center of a group of people.

A website can be ideal for the clusters, not only because it can include a forum for providers, consumers and intermediaries can be found but because it allows you to create solutions that substantially improve the flow of communication is the basis of modern commerce. A portal can generate sections with timely information useful for businesses such as news, forums, chats, new search engines that allow users to find the services and products you offer cluster members and identifying potential customers and generating a network of users that allows them to be in constant communication to schedule meetings, symposia, special events, generate quotes or workshops.

  • The development of web portal can be established as a powerful means of communication, a centralized and friendly administration that combines real-time update of data on a network of users that feed information to each member contributes, thus creating one of the best foundation for success.
  • The development of web portal can be as versatile as you want, you can include as many modules as required sections. From a chat system, forums, news system, image galleries, email accounts exclusive portal, to search engines, conduct online service or connection to other pages or institutions, the website offers a number tools that allow you to be a center of online content and services to be an information broker that can also function as an advertising center, if the use of banners or business advertising portal Alerts are allowed.
  • A web portal can also be an excellent service manager where to access one of its sections, a user can obtain your receipt, pay electronically and know the date of your next cut, either by notice via email or by accessing his personal account on the portal. The system allows the user to perform various procedures, know their current status and meet timely information related to the service that is hiring.
  • For product sales, a web portal offers significant advantages, from providing users the ability to learn in depth the product through an online catalog to contact suppliers to purchase insurance through the network media as PayPal payment or credit card and define aspects of logistics, such as the selection and payment of the courier. Sea to a specific group of people, for a sector of the population, for a service or product specific, the development of web portal he provides an excellent platform whose scope can grow significantly, not only for the design you define it as a result of the interaction with users of the portal.

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution provides thematic portals according to their needs and requirements, offering additional benefits such as managing and editing images to give your website an attractive, powerful and according to your identity graphic image. The development of web portal provides various benefits such as search engines, directories and yellow pages generate, perform ergonomic handling of content across sections and offers attractive forms of marketing, significantly influencing the success of your business or company.

Advance Web Application

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution is a full service web application development company in Indore, utilizing the power of the web & latest technology trends for client benefit. Software today is largely based on web technologies, whether they be used on the Internet or internally at a company. In advanced web development is not about creating great looking websites but if more advanced system where web pages only is the interface that the user interacts with. The focus is on the underlying technologies, how computers work and communicate as well as various web technologies. Design of databases and databases that technical solution for data storage is essential in the field. The understanding of a computer’s design and communication flows mixed with programming and user interface. When the programming is a form of problem solving, we organize and solve problems but also to evaluate different solutions based on efficiency and complexity.

We deliver high range advance web development through Converting novel ideas to embrace business breakthroughs and opportunities and Put ideas into a structured document. Defining objectives, eliminating bottlenecks, milestones to be achieved, and project deliverables. GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution Provides continuous & ongoing support to ensure best possible performance.

E-Commerce Development

The impact of Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is already more than a fad. It is quite a trend driven by the New Technologies of Information and Communication. Is here to stay, and companies are not able to exploit the opportunities are giving advantage to those that have captured if its benefits.

An online store will be your cheapest seller, give them access to a new channel complementary sale that will put your business to millions of potential buyers worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Currently more than 1,000 million people connected to the Internet. GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution will help meet the challenge of being able to reach them all. Developing an E-Commerce website to enable it to gain market share, differentiate from competitors and enhance the prestige and image of your company.

Please look some of the E-Commerce websites developed by GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution:

  • Custom ecommerce shopping cart
  • Coupons & Discount Module
  • E bay Integration
  • Safe, secure and trusted checkout process using SSL
  • Add new products on regular Intervals.
  • Provide comfortable and secure buying process for buyer.
  • Multicurrency ecommerce solutions
  • Shipping gateway integration
  • Online Payment Facilities and Accept Credit Card Online
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Customer & Order management
  • Online Store Management and Product Details Update Facility
  • User Friendly & Search Engine Friendly Website Design
  • Have a Complete control on website’s functioning and Update/modify the information.

Social Network Application

In GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution we provide application solution for Social Networks. Applications for social networks increase the capacity of communication between companies and their clients or customers. Increases diffusion of your products and services in social networks by developing applications for social networks.

GMC Solution will help you convert your company’s presence on social media in a productive presence, guiding applications in social networks to increase sales of your products and services.

  • FaceBook Apps: Create a FaceBook application to your fan page and make new fans and potential customers. It offers exclusive content and offers for your fans
  • Twitter Apps: Organize discussions and get new followers to our twitter applications. Launch product offerings and connect directly with your customers or consumers

Organized conversations with customers or keep your audience connected through social networking applications and your company will achieve multiple benefits:

  • Creating brand image. Social Media Branding
  • For distributing viral content on social networks
  • Hold your audience within your pages on social networks
  • Offers products and services for your specific audience in social network capable. Connect directly with customers

DOTNET Development

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution specialize in designing, developing, implementing and further support custom software, based on the best and latest technologies of Microsoft.

GMC Solution offer:
  • Full production cycle: from conceptual design to sales
  • Adapting an existing application to the specific conditions of the enterprise
  • Development of individual software modules and their integration with other applications.
  • Highly skilled programmers
  • Ability to develop client-server solutions
  • Recognition of the leaders in the industry – Microsoft, Mail.ru & Rambler and many other
  • 2 months free warranty support
  • A flexible system of discounts and installments

.NET language and ensures compatibility between applications and within applications, this capability when developing applications need to follow some rules. And it is not a limited capacity .NET, and in the fundamental difficulties. In .NET introduced the concept of logical namespace, which serves identification types in shared libraries and applications. Applications should use the common type system (Common Type System), combines data types and operations found in most programming languages.

When writing application source must be guided by certain rules, which are united under the name Common Language Specification. Because of the application code .NET includes metadata, you can add applications to information about the type used, which is used to test the safety and code compatibility. It’s part of the concept of managed code .NET. Discuss these solutions in more detail.

Common Type System:
Common Type System (Common Type System, CTS) – a specification that combines all types and operations available for an application .NET. It was developed by analyzing the basic high-level languages used in .NET, and is part of the runtime CLR, which carries through the CTS code verification and ensures the safety of the execution of applications.

Runtime applications .NET:
Depending on the compiler applications .NET can be of two types: managed and unmanaged code. Compiler Borland DCCIL, compilers and Microsoft C#, C++, Visual Basic basically generate managed code.

CMS Development

A CMS is an application that allows the administrator or administrators to create or content management web site, a task that requires availability and immediate response. Work as a team and be given roles as well as a web interface for synchronizing efforts.

The system can independently manage the content on the one hand and design on the other. It is possible to manage content anytime and provide different design to site and allows easy and controlled publishing the site to several publishers. A classic example is the publishers that carry the content to the system and the other side will be the main administrator will be published or not the contents.

A GMC (Global Management Consulting) Application, CMS (Content Management System) in English allows you to:

  • The maintenance of the website
  • Include new content
  • Edit and update existing
  • Permanently delete

Some features of GMC’s Content Management Systems (CMS):

  • Separate the content from the presentation: this facilitates future design changes make the website more easily, some can also post the same content across multiple channels at once (Web, RSS, WAP, Mail, etc.)
  • By separating content from presentation allows you to organize all the information on different types of content and treat each part separately.

Today Content Management System (CMS) can apply to:

  • Forums: A system that allows you and your users to create a forum for discussion and debate online where people gather to discuss a topic of common interest.
  • Blogs: They tend to be a space where people can post news or items that cannot be edited, but they have a space for comments and discussion.
  • Wikis: It is a documentation system that allows you to collaborate on articles and comment.
  • Portals: Sites that combine several features to create an online community. Basically, a forum and a blog together and sometimes space for items that are not news.