GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution is a leading software development company based in Indore. Ask the definition Software development is a bit complicated because if we talk in technical terms are equal to understanding the question.

Business Software Development

In GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution we provide software solution for your business need. An Application is a software tool designed as to allow a user to perform one or several types of work. Certain applications developed as typically offer a great ability to solve a specific problem.

GMC Solution grouped different programs with different functions to form a package called suites and satisfactory to the user’s needs. Each serves to save time and money by allowing the user to make useful things on the computer, some with certain benefits, others with a specific design, some more friendly and easier to use than others, but on the same principle.

GMC Solution provide professional business software development services in following :

ERP: ERP solution implies radical changes: the whole company that abides by the use of a central system, which translates into informal formal procedures that discipline sectors and provide information in a timely manner and, basically, you have responsibility for the information, both to generate and to assimilate. This leads to a professionalization and specialization of the structure.

Advantages of ERP Systems: Merits of implementing an EPR system for your Business:

  • Improved customer service & satisfaction
  • Improved performance, speed & productivity
  • Improved performance, efficiency & productivity levels
  • The ability to communicate information across departments effortlessly

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming): Inter logic has extensive experience in advanced programming for different applications, from production systems and business systems to various web solutions. GMC Solution create software solutions that become a natural pillar for the flow of their daily business or integrate existing applications together.

We develop solutions using the following programming languages:

  • DotNet
  • LotusScript & Formula
  • Java
  • C#

CRM: In GMC Solution we provide software solution for your business need. Customer relationship management or CRM is system software that provides total business solution for your organization to maintain all customer records in one centralized location that is accessible to an entire organization.

CRM software fulfills the needs of marketing, sales and customer service and support divisions and allows sharing their data inside the organization.

Client Server Application

In GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution we provide application solution for your client server application. You could weigh that applications developed using the client-server architecture are obsolete, however there is no such obsolescence, applications developed in this architecture are as valid as web applications, we just consider it another of the multiple strategies have an architect or an application developer to solve a problem. In fact, Web applications can be considered as a variation of the client-server architecture where client functions are fulfilled by the browser.

In many cases, web applications are not the best option to solve a need of a customer, for example if we need a very rich interface, or much interaction with hardware, it is possible that our best decision is not to use a browser-based application.

Our development of Client- Server Applications in Such Fields:

  • Inventory Management
  • HR Management
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Retail
  • Accounting

Our Client Server Application development methodology includes:

  • System-Analysis
  • System-Design
  • Project-Management
  • System-Execution
  • Partner-Training

Desktop Application

In GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution we provide application solution for your desktop. A desktop application is a program that is installed and / or running on your computer (Open Office, Excel, Minesweeper, …) even if the application works with data through the web (Thunderbird, Outlook,…..)

Applications are to be installed, configured and used in desktop computers. They can be developed for the operating system you require and contain features tailored to the needs of your brand. Thus, GMC Solution provides a comprehensive solution-oriented:

  • Provide a custom application.
  • Grouping related functionality that, until now, is only possible through the acquisition of multiple software licenses.
  • Having the assurance of software adaptability to changing environment, only by contacting our Technical Service.
  • Develop creative and functional applications aimed at your target.

Its main features are:

  • Analysis of the needs of your brand purpose to implement a solution based on the application.
  • Delivery, installation and application configuration in at least one desktop computer for your business.
  • Development of any specialized software in multiple languages.
  • Continuous operation of software and even when the computers are not connected to an internet network.
  • Scalability and adaptability to changing factors: regional growth, changes of use, among others.
  • Guarantee in creating a friendly and intuitive interface for each application.
  • Support includes 7×24 progressive performance monitoring software.
  • Manual explaining, in detail, the operation of the application.
  • Development of the same application in its web version, touch screen and phone

Distrubuted Application

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution is currently one of the Leading Company in the development of distributed system software based in Indore. Delving into the world of the development of distributed systems is not a simple task, and previously must know a number of key concepts to further delve into the different problems, both in the field of industrial development as in academia and research appear in such systems (real-time applications, event processing, asynchronism, quality of service …).

The distributed systems in general, presenting their characteristics, the concept of middleware, which in its most general sense supports the interaction of distributed software applications, that is, refers to the infrastructure that is responsible for connecting to Somehow the client and server processes that appear in such applications, and especially the broker pattern as the common element shared by major middleware architectures such as CORBA or COM +.

We are working on several key elements:

  • Reuse of software components (either built in-house or purchased)
  • Cyclical and incremental development
  • Concurrent development of packages and components
  • Release strategy

Our distributed application development relies upon three distinct architectures:

  • Two tier
  • Three tier
  • N-tier

The biggest advantage of this architectural pattern is that the development is carried out at various levels, or layers, and in the event that there is an error or need for a mandatory change, you only need to change the level in question, without affecting the proper functioning of the entire system.

SQL Server Application

Customers are looking for solutions to their business problems. Most of the “solutions” database only brings multiple levels of cost and complexity’s. GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution’s strategy is to make Microsoft SQL Server is the basis of data easier to use to build, manage and deploy business applications.

This means we have to provide a fast and simple model for developers programming, eliminating the administration database for standard operations, and providing sophisticated tools for more complex operations.

Our Applications use two components to access a database:

  • An application programming interface (API) or Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
  • Database language

ORACLE Application

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution develops Oracle Applications that provide software solutions successfully. Our applications are flexible and easy to use, ensuring full resources and adaptation to customer requirements.

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution apply the various technologies of Oracle Corporation, among which are:

  • Oracle Forms.
  • Oracle Reports.
  • Oracle Database.
  • Oracle Internet Directory.
  • Oracle Portal.
  • Oracle Internet Application Server.
  • Among others.

These oracle based solutions are compatible with any development approach, technology platform or operating system, which will allow you to:

Ensuring Safety: To comply with the measures of data protection and effective management of identity and access applications.

Maximizing Availability: Which ensures operational continuity with real-time backup and additional servers running in a cluster, if one fails, it provides additional security.

Achieve clear visibility: Eliminates inconsistencies, duplications and other errors that can result from having to manually manage the flow of information from multiple locations.

Define responsibility: You can see unauthorized access to data, which generates records that can be tracked within the data management system, to obtain a higher level of control over how and who has access to information.