Web Designing

Static Web Design

Why GMC Solution?

  • ustom Design: In GMC Solution not do web design based on templates. We carry original and exclusive designs. More personality to your online business.
  • Custom Layout in HTML5 and CSS3: Having custom code improves your natural Google rankings. Cheap websites are based on cloned codes that hinder the positioning of your business.
  • Professional telephone: Operators who do not know who you are, no answering machines or robots. It only qualified personnel will attend, designers and professional programmers.

In GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution, however, only qualified technicians will attend; programmers, designers and account managers who know the status of your project first hand. That’s why we got involved, we worry that everything goes well and we offer customized solutions. We advise and listen to all your needs and requirements.

What we offer? First, we listen. We need to know you, know your company needs, philosophy, history … We need to be part of your business to design a site that really fits what you need. You’ll supervise the design step, revisions, different proposals, and several designers on staff so that the outcome is always to your liking.

In GMC Solution we care to accompany our designs better code. Updated with HTML5 and CSS3. Semantic, with tags that add value to your content. Usable with degradable multimedia areas. The results are sites that rank alone, accessible from any platform and meet all standards of programming

If you need a corporate website design and original with a twist, are the solution you wanted. Without templates, unique and exclusive designs.

  • Custom Design
  • Code HTML5, CSS3
  • Stock Images
  • Hosting and Domain
  • Content Management System
  • Contact form

Dynamic Web Design

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution is leading Web Design Company based in Indore. Dynamic designs include those sites that will give the rider the ability to intercommunicate within the page, these designs allow you to create web applications within the page, such as polls, forums, comments, blog style, online ordering, etc..

The development of these web designs require greater complexity when creating them, because they need specific knowledge in regard to programming languages, as well as the creation and management of a database as they are periodically updatable sites and which reflect the user’s choices or actions at any time.

The big advantage with operating these web designs are dynamic and service offered through the programming of specific applications for each company and target customers, thereby providing pleasant and helpful when visit websites.

Web Redesign

Three things to keep in mind, when a redesign a website.

  • Look & feel: The picture does not convey professionalism, nor is an image according to your corporate identity.
  • Structure: The structure gives no relevance to the main content, and secondary hierarchically. Maldistribution of wireframes (information blocks) according importance of each content.
  • Bounce vs conversion: Do not generate expected sales and visitors leave your website before getting the goal.

GMC Solution, a leading website redesign company, which offer:

  • User friendly design
  • Interactive and secure information sharing
  • Interoperability
  • Ease of Collaboration

Innovative and Strategic web design services from GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution:

  • Research and analysis of client industry from the ‘redesign’ perspective
  • Concept framing
  • Custom web redesign solutions gives a competitive & professional element to website redesign
  • SEO and content analysis of existing and redesigned website
  • Customer conversion & usability analysis of existing or redesigned website

We have extensive knowledge & experience in custom web redesign. Don’t wait till your website takes your business crashing down. Call us NOW and experience the GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution.

Flash Website Design

GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution expertise in web design Flash. We create high-impact projects, integrating animation, video and sound in a compact form. The best way to not remain indifferent on the Internet, enhancing details and ideas in a striking and attractive. We develop projects in both upright Flash, as a multimedia block: headers, intros, banners.

Why GMC (Global Management Consulting) Solution for Flash Website Design?

  • If you need to promote a product or service and attractive original opt for a flash web design, which aims to capture the attention of consumers through multimedia: music, sound effects, animations, video, etc.
  • We specialize in web animations and effects. We use the latest optimization techniques to reduce download times, without compromising on the quality of the multimedia work in Web and Flash light load fast!
  • If you need a website that is search engine position and also provide visual impact, the best option is to design animated headers. They can be inserted in any area and integrate with the rest of the design.
  • With a header in Flash we can launch promotion messages, including video, display an animated logo to create a differentiation from your competitors websites. Internet is a showcase where you cannot afford to remain indifferent.

Advantages of Flash

Our philosophy is to advise our customers as possible. That’s why we would like to clarify some positive points that would develop your website in Flash.

  • First, the advantages. Flash website design has a clear purpose, impress with animations, sound and interactive multimedia content. That’s why it pays, especially for those issues that are associated with video, music and animation. Examples of these issues are: movies, DJs, clubs, events, games, concerts, bands, etc..
  • Another advantage is that navigating a website in Flash is much more fluid. All contents are loaded on a framework that does not require upgrade your browser so you will always have the feeling of being “inside” the project and not disconnect the multimedia experience.

Custom Web Design

n GMC Solution (Global Management Consulting), we create or design your website, taking into account Client’s needs. We prioritize ease of access (accessibility), the intuitiveness of navigation (usability) and aesthetics in the design and development Website looking for quality and visual creativity. We structure the website according to the needs that we see in our clients through a comprehensive initial study. These criteria apply them both in the large web projects (e-commerce, etc..), And in small jobs (web pages to ensure your presence on the Internet).

Each of our solutions is customized and designed to provide our customers profitability and efficiency in their market environment. Based on the different requirements, develop, design and organize your web space as, focusing on their needs as a company.

Given the steady growth of Internet users and that their website, may be the first point of contact and communication between your company and the outside world, we consider paramount care of their image (designing and developing the various features required) in its virtual space. In GMC Solution offer the key components to successfully create your space or website.

  • Content Management Systems: Full control over the contents of your site and can update most of the content published on the website CMS system.
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization: Content optimization to achieve better positions in the search engines. (Google, Yahoo, MSN).
  • Accessibility: We meet the Standards, Accessibility established.
  • Usability: We test the usability of your website, looking for that using the functionalities and access to information content (text, photos, …) as intuitive and easy as possible.